1. Stand firmly along with legs together (as in Tadasana). Press the heels and feet on the floor.

2. Slowly stretch and raise the right arm above the head and extend with inhalation

3. Exhale slowly and move the trunk and right arm towards left side the ear will touch the right upper arm. The left hand should be sided on left leg thigh.

4. Stay in this position for 15 to 30 seconds with normal breathing.

5. Inhale, slowly move the trunk and arm in order to come back to the normal position.

6. Repeat the same be bending on the other side.

7. Practice this exercise two times on both the sides.

Therapeutic Advantages

1. Performing this exercise will help those who are suffering from back pain, stiff back etc.

2. This helps to promote the function of liver and hence performing this exercise will help to cure liver problems.

3. Simultaneously stretching on both sides will help to eliminate extra fat in the abdomen region and also provides good shape to the body.


Those with abdominal and hip injury must avoid this pose

Do not bend forward or backward in this pose.



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